The EnergyPLAN baseline models for 14 EU MSs

The baseline energy system models for 2015 and 2050 of the 14 EU countries participating in HRE are available here. The models for the EnergyPLAN tool will be the point of departure in the development of the Heat Roadmap scenarios and serve as reference when assessing the possible impact of these scenarios.

The models have been created based on annual baseline data from the JRC-EU-TIMES model and cover the large 14 EU MSs in terms of heating demand.

A brief guide of how to load and run the models in EnergyPLAN can be found here.

During the previous project STRATEGO, there were created EnergyPLAN Models for Each Country too. They are available here: Stratego -EnergyPLAN Models for Each Country

This short video explains how you can access and use the hourly energy system models from HRE3. For more information about the EnergyPLAN visit the website here.