Main Report and Heat Roadmaps by Country

In the list below you can find all the new reports with the results of the HRE 2050 scenarios. The reports present the heating and cooling strategies, aka Heat Roadmaps, based on the key findings of the scenario analysis.

Main report:

HRE: Quantifying the Impact of Low-Carbon Heating and Cooling Roadmaps

Executive Summary


14 Country reports:

Heat Roadmap Austria

Heat Roadmap Belgium

Heat Roadmap Czech Republic

Heat Roadmap Finland

Heat Roadmap France

Heat Roadmap Germany

Heat Roadmap Hungary

Heat Roadmap Italy

Heat Roadmap Netherlands

Heat Roadmap Poland

Heat Roadmap Romania

Heat Roadmap Spain

Heat Roadmap Sweden

Heat Roadmap United Kingdom


Heat Roadmap Europe recommendations.

Downloadable excel sheets

The tables and charts made for the Heat Roadmaps for the 14 HRE4 countries are also available for download: HRE4 summary tables and figures. These Excel spreadsheets give you access to explore results for the 14 HRE4 countries. More details about the modelling data available here.