Heat Roadmap Europe 4 Energy models for 14 EU MSs

The Heat Roadmap Europe 4 (HRE4) project developed 4 different comprehensive energy scenarios for each of the 14 EU Member states, which are freely available, as EnergyPLAN files, including the associated (hourly) distribution and cost files.  Click and download: HRE4 EnergyPLAN models | HRE4 cost database

If you simply want to browse the results of the energy system models, it is also possible to download an Excel spreadsheet to give you access to explore main results for the 14 HRE4 countries: HRE4 summary tables and figures

Scenario files for each country are available for:

  • the Baseline (BL) 2015 scenario, based on JRC-EU-TIMES modelling, which provides a starting point and comparison to the forward looking scenarios;
  • the Baseline (BL) 2050 scenario, based on JRC-EU-TIMES modelling, which represents the development of the energy system under agreed EU policies as of March 2018;
  • the Conventionally Decarbonised (CD) 2050 scenario, which represents the development of the energy system under a framework that encourages renewables, but does not focus deliberately on feasible infrastructural changes within the H&C sector;
  • and the HRE 2050 scenario, which represents a redesigned H&C system, considering the cost effectiveness of different types of energy efficiency, excess heat and renewable sources, as well as better integration with the other energy sectors.

These can be used either as a starting point for further analysis, or to better understand the system dynamics that underpin the Heat Roadmap Europe scenarios. If you have created a model in EnergyPLAN based on these, then please contact us and we will add it to the list on the EnergyPLAN website. Access here the EnergyPLAN’s dedicated page to Heat Roadmap Europe.

Heat Roadmap Europe 3 / Stratego

During the previous project STRATEGO, there were created EnergyPLAN Models for Each Country too.  They are available here: Stratego -EnergyPLAN Models for Each Country

For more information about the EnergyPLAN visit the website here. This short video explains how you can access and use the hourly energy system models from HRE3.

Heat Roadmap Europe 1 and 2

Heat Roadmap Europe 1 was developed to understand if the approach from Heat Plan Denmark could be extended to a European scale, and if it was possible to make a geographic and system analysis of the European heating sector, in addition to introducing the idea that district heating could play a significant role in decarbonising the EU energy system, as well as reducing costs. The EnergyPLAN files, which consider the EU27 as a whole, can be found here: HRE1 EnergyPLAN Models

Heat Roadmap Europe 2 is the first study on the EU27 scale, which combines geographical mapping of energy demand and supply in unprecedented detail with detailed energy system modelling. Heat Roadmap Europe identifies the potential for using local resources across Europe, and subsequently applies this in the EU27 energy system. Local conditions are considered using geographical information systems (GIS) and combined with hour-by-hour energy system analyses for the EU27. The models for this can be found here: HRE2 EnergyPLAN models