Heat Roadmap Europe 4 had a thriving 2016, and here is a look back at what we achieved in terms of communication and dissemination events over the last 10 months since the project kick-off in March.

The project benefited from ample visibility, with project partners spreading the HRE messages to the broader audience throughout Europe and across the globe.

Over 30 international and national conferences were attended, where consortium members held academic and general presentations to share HRE4 experiences and findings. This included, to name just a few, large events such as the 5th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling in Korea, smaller regional events such as the South East European Sustainable Development of Energy Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) conferences in Slovenia, and targeted workshops such as the SmartReFlex final workshop in Denmark.

Many interesting meetings with lead-users from national associations and industry also took place last year. Project partners and interested parties shared knowledge and explored opportunities for accelerating the uptake of low carbon and energy efficient heating and cooling. For example, HRE met with the French district heating association(SNCU), the Department of Energy in Ireland (DCENR), the PTTE Competence Centre in the Czech Republic, Grundfos (world’s largest pump manufacturer) and many more!

HRE also received plentiful press coverage in popular and scientific publications, with articles published in Energy – The International JournalHot Cool MagazineNordisk Energi and EU SETIS Magazine, and more.

A big thanks to all partners, our heating-cooling and energy colleagues and associates for your hard work. The bar has been set high, and we look forward to another promising year ahead!